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Cute Wooden Croaking Frog

Cute Wooden Croaking Frog

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Large wooden croaking frog (with rasp)

Hand carved from Vietnam

For a truly unique gift, decor item, plaything, and conversation piece, this hand carved croaking frog from Vietnam is the answer. These cute little guys are made out of wood and carved in such a way that when the round stick is raked back and forth across the frogs rippled back, it sounds just like a frog croaking.

Wooden frogs have also been used by many music teachers and speech-language pathologists and teachers are using them to teach language and literacy skills.

Simulate the sound of a croaking frog. Run the stick along the spine form the back to the front and then hit the front of the head. Or ..... use it as a percussion instrument using a combination of the 2 sounds.

A great gift idea.